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    Oh Jordan! is a great conversation starter for discussions about autism awareness & acceptance.

    We're sharing the series with educators, students and community centers, and we'd love to come to you next!

    To inquire about bringing Oh Jordan! to your community, email us at: ohjordan.webseries@gmail.com

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    Oh Jordan! is an anthology web series that shares stories of the Spinolas, a young family with a son on the autism spectrum. At home and at school, autism has meant redefining what "being normal" means.


    Meet Jordan and the rest of the Spinola's as they learn to live, love, laugh , and become a stronger family for whom autism is but one of the daily challenges that life has thrown their way.

  • Past Episodes

    Watch the other episodes that make up Season 1 of Oh Jordan!

    Episode 101: Diagnosis

    Written by Tiffany Lyle

    Directed by Shanalyna Cp

    Parents Jane and Joe Spinola have been called to the office by their son Jordan’s principal, Mr Harrington. Here they receive confirmation that their son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Like many parents, their first reaction is to ask for the cure, but the school therapist is quick to disillusion them.


    Episode 102: Scratchy Shirt

    Written by Crystal Ramos

    Directed by Shanalyna Cp

    Certain clothing materials trigger Jordan's tactile sensitivity. When Jordan's Aunt tries to force him to put on the same family reunion t-shirt that everyone else is wearing, the strength of the family is put to the test.


    Episode 103: Jennifer's Wall

    Written by Aeric Adams, Sunnye Brathwaite and Jackie Boone

    Directed by Shanalyna Cp

    Parents aren't the only ones who sometimes feel they've hit a wall. Jordan's sister, Jennifer, finds herself in wondering if Mom remembers that there's not one but two kids living in the Spinola household. What's a girl to do when all she wants to be is a kid again?


    Episode 104: The Sleepover

    Written by Clarice Bell-Strayhorn

    and Jetta Strayhorn

    Directed by Shanalyna Cp

    Big sister Jennifer invites her friends over for her very first sleepover. When she tries to tell them that her brother is autistic, things get a little awkward. But Jennifer’s not going down without a fight. With a little ingenuity, Jennifer turns what she considered to be a Jordan’s biggest flaw into a weapon that teaches everyone never to underestimate Jordan.

    Episode 105: Jordan's Cool

    Written by Sunnye Brathwaite

    Directed by Aeric Adams

    Jordan develops a crush on his sister’s friend Cass after he learns of her mutual love for the game Mythgard. Unfortunately Jordan thinks he has to "be someone else" in order to win her affections.

    Episode 106: Poodles

    Written by Shanalyna Cp & Tiffany Lyle

    Directed by Don Robert Greene

    Jordan finds himself in hot water after he tells his friend Katie that she looks like a poodle. But he's not sure, exactly, why Katie is mad at him. After all, what's wrong with telling a friend the truth?

  • Screenings & Awards

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    The Telly Award - 2019

    The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work created within television and across video, for all screens. Receiving over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents, Telly Award winners represent work from some of the most respected advertising agencies, television stations, production companies and publishers from around the world. Congratulations to the cast and crew for their win!

    October 24-27, 2019

    Nominated: Best Web Series


    Screening Venue:

    Hotel Indigo

    230 Peachtree St, NE

    Atlanta, GA 30303

    September 26 - 29, 2019


    Best Web Series Drama


    Screening Venue:

    Hennepin Theatre Trust

    900 Hennepin Avenue
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

    August 11, 2019

    Monthly film competition. Web Series has advanced to the final round to be announced in December 2019.

    June 22, 2019

    Screening venue:

    Dr. S. Stevan Dweck Cultural Center

    Brooklyn Public Library (Central Branch)

    10 Grand Army Plaza

    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    February 17, 2019

    Online film competition.


    Episode 1 - "Diagnosis"

    Writer: Tiffany Lyle

    Director: Shanalyna Cp

    DP: Don Robert Greene

    Editor: Samuel Dyches

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 2 - "Scratchy Shirt"

    Writer: Crystal Ramos

    Director:Shanalyna Cp

    DP: Roberto Hernandez

    Editor: Samuel Dyches

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 3 - "Jennifer's Wall"

    Writers: Aeric Adams, Jackie Boone, Sunnye Brathwaite

    Director: Shanalyna Cp

    DP: Roberto Hernandez

    Editor: Samuel Dyches

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 4 - "The Sleepover"

    Writers: Jetta Strayhorn & Clarice Bell-Strayhorn

    Director: Shanalyna Cp

    DP: Roberto Hernandez

    Editor: Mae Manning

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 5 - "Jordan's Cool"

    Writer: Sunnye Brathwaite

    Director: Aeric Adams

    DP: Don Robert Greene

    Editor: Mae Manning

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 6 - "Poodles"

    Writers: Shanalyna Palmer, Tiffany Lyle

    Director: Don Robert Greene

    DP: Roberto Hernandez

    Editor: James Frederick Gary

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

    Episode 7 - "Isn't Every Family Dysfuntional"

    Writers: Joe Spinola, Shanalyna Palmer

    Director: Shanalyna Cp

    DP: Don Robert Greene

    Editor: James Frederick Gary

    Spiritual Counselor and Advisor: Lordiel

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  • CAST

    Series Regulars - THE SPINOLAS

    Mikkel Palmer is an 11 year old actor with a rare condition called septo optic dysplasia. He is also blind in one eye and has limited sight in the other. This does not hamper his enthusiasm for video games, mathematics, soccer and all things robotic; subjects which helped him earn a scholarship to the prestigious Westminster School. When he isn't acting, Mikkel is taking top prize at science fairs, participating in spelling bees or happily playing with his puppy, Cheddar Vermicelli Palmer.


    Mikkel A.M. Palmer

    Jetta Strayhorn is a 15 years old actor from Atlanta, GA. She is the oldest of three kids and enjoys reading, singing, playing guitar, and playing with her fur-nominal dog, Scooter!


    Jetta Strayhorn

    My name is Tiffany Lyle. I am a writer, producer and actress. I am originally from Washington, DC. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Florida A and M University. When I finished there I completed the one year acting for film program in Los Angeles. I have acted in theatrical productions such as Oklahoma, and Annie. I enjoy musical theater. I was a member of Bridge 17 writer’s studio and I have my own production company Olga Lyle Productions. I currently have several projects in development.


    Tiffany Lyle


    Jay Alan Teague


    Guest Cast - Episode 1 - "Diagnosis"


    Grecia Balboa

    Gregory J. Daniels is an Atlanta actor with credits in film (A Letter To Claudette Colvin, Stephen King's Mute, and Ain't No Grave), series (Church Wives), commercials, and print (Levi's). He currently resides in Athens, Georgia where he works at The University of Georgia as Senior Executive Director of Leadership Giving. He is a graduate of UGA and Harvard University in addition to extensive acting training. Greg is proud to have recently attended Larry Silverberg's Meisner Intensive at the True Acting Institute.


    Greg J. Daniels

    In May of 2017, Crystal graduated from Kennesaw State University with a MA in Professional Writing. Since then, she has been a finalist in the Content Creators of Atlanta screenplay competition and was also a finalist in another script contest for a short, web series comedy. In additionShe’s also a mom and struggles with a seizure disorder; she leaves it to you to decide which of these is the bigger challenge.


    Crystal N. Ramos

    Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Film Advisor,  Casting Director and Actress.  I am excited to be a part of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge because it inspires me to do more and be more. It is important to help and support each other. With the assistance of her spirit guides, Lordiel has casted and crewed several short films, including Miss Winn's Garden, Goldie, Limbo, Jordan's Cake and now, Oh Jordan.




    Dishan J. Palmer

  • Guest Stars - Episode 2 - "Scratchy Shirt"


    Linda Shane

    You may have seen her in TVOne's  Fatal Attraction and TPN Flags ON The Field Season 2 just to name a few. Sophia Johnson's ability to change her look at the drop of a dime and her sense of humor has landed her featured spots on the award winning shows include Atlanta ,Star ,A Question of Faith and  a major role in Fannie's Neighborhood ( which will be coming out soon) She has trained with Dustin Felder Acting Studios in Atlanta (DFASATL) and AVA Coaches in Atlanta Georgia.

    Cousin Sophia

    Sophia Johnson

    Cousin Paula

    Paula Logan

  • Guest Stars - Episodes 3 & 7 - "Jennifer's Wall" & "Isn't Every Family Dysfuntional"


    Tina Nixon

  • Guest Stars - Episodes 4 & 5 - "The Sleepover" & "Jordan's Cool"


    Kashmir Satchell-Jarrett

    Alison Holt is a 10 year old actor from Macon, Georgia. She has been involved in theatre since the age of 4 and has recently begun branching out into film. In addition to acting, Alison enjoys dancing, singing, and participating in cosplay. She is in her school’s gifted program and loves science and art the best. Alison loves Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and all things musical theater.


    Alison Holt

    Tori Bowman is a 16 year old actor from Atlanta, GA.  She is homeschooled for high school and is enjoying success in both film and theatre.  For as long as she can remember, she wanted to be an actress and model. Tori uses her career to be a positive influence and role model to young girls and teenagers and show that no matter what the circumstances are in someone’s life, or the challenges they face, dreams and goals in life are achievable without giving up one’s morals and integrity.


    Tori Bowman

    Zaila Strayhorn is a 13 year old budding visual artist from Atlanta. She enjoys playing the drums and the saxophone and watching “America’s Next Top Model”!


    Zaila Strayhorn

  • Guest Stars - Episode 6 - "Poodles"


    Siniah Pratt


    Au Hogan


    Gracia Balboa


    Carlos Busé


    Kaiden White


    Shanelle Void


    Tianna Leadon


    Wyatt Strayhorn


    Aodhan Lane


    Many thanks to everyone for volunteering their time and talents to the production!

    oh jordan! couldn't have been made without YOU!


    Exec Producer - Shanalyna C. Palmer

    Producer/Spiritual Counselor/Casting Director - Lordiel

    Producer/Location Manager - Clarice Bell-Strayhorn

    Producer/Catering - Barbara-Lee Palmer

    Co-Producer / Paperwork Queen - Angeletha C. Maaja

    Entertainment Attorney - Ellakisha S. O'Kelley, Esquire



    Aeric Adams

    Shanalyna Cp

    Don Greene



    1st AD - Mike Benedetti

    1st AD - May Tjhang

    BTS Producer / Still Photographer- Kim Degraff

    BTS Camera Op - Jordan Ling

    Production Assistant - Samantha Tate

    Production Assistant - Michael Gitlin

    Production Assistant - Destinee Chambliss

    Production Assistant - Rondelande Thomas

    Production Assistant - Grant McClendon




    Production Designer/Set Dresser - Heather Covington

    Prop Mistress - Rochelle Mack




    Still Photographer/BTS Intervier - Kim Degraff

    BTS Interviews - Natalia Tureta

    BTS Videographer - Jordan Ling




    DP/Camera Operator - Don Robert Greene

    DP/Camera Operator - Roberto Hernandez

    Camera Operator - Amande Whyte

    Camera Operator - Kim DeGraaff

    Camera Assistant - Crystal "Cee Cee" Bennett





    Caterer & Craft Services - Barbara-Lee Palmer

    Caterer - Shurvell McClendon



    Costume Designer - Christina Cole



    Editor (Ep 101-103) - Samuel Dyches

    Editor (Ep 104 - 105) - Mae Manning

    Editor (Ep 106 - 107) - James Frederick Gary




    Hair & Makeup Head - Sajanah Reed

    Hair & Makeup Head - Antoinia Pratt

    Hairstylist - Ivy Vail



    Script Supervisor - Connaitre Tillman

    Script Supervisor - Rochelle Mack


    SOUND DEPT - Boom Operators

    Jaye Wynn, Mary Tharpe, Maya Williamson

    Tracey Crews, Samantha Tate, May Tjhang, Michael Gitlin,



    Story Editor - Crystal Ramos


    Writer "Diagnosis" - Tiffany Tyle


    Writer "Scratchy Shirt" - Crystal Ramos


    Writer "Jennifer's Wall" - Aeric Adams

    Writer "Jennifer's Wall" - Sunnye Brathwaite

    Writer "Jennifer's Wall" - Jackie Boone


    Writer "The Sleepover" - Clarice Bell-Strayhorn

    Writer "The Sleepover" Jetta Strayhorne


    Writer "Jordan's Cool" - Sunnye Brathwaite


    Writer "Poodles" - Tiffany Lyle

    Writer "Poodles" - Shanalyna Palmer

    Writer "Poodles" - Linda Mack King


    Writer "Isn't Every Family Dysfunctional" - Joe Spinola

    Writer "Isn't Every Family Dysfunctional" - Shanalyna Palmer








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